Special Event

Topic: Make Big Profits Buying Houses with Little or No Money Down!

When: Saturday, May 1st, 2021 – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Where: Online Virtual Class

Panel Of Experts: Don DeRosa (National Speaker)

Class Cost: $49 early sign-up; $69 for late signup (Day of Class)

Class Details: Please sign up and pay class fee using the above link. In turn, we will email you an online link to attend this class two days prior to the class:

Have you heard what buying houses Subject-To is all about? If you want to know, or want a refresher course, then join Don DeRosa, on Saturday, May 1st from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Don DeRosa will be conducting a special full day workshop with REIA of Oakland on “How To Do The New Subject-To”. This class is all about how to buy and own real estate and make lots of money with little or no money down.

Learn How To Buy Houses…

o Without using your own cred
o Without having to sign personally on a note
o Without having to qualify for a mortgage
o Without having much money

Beginner or experienced real estate investors can find immediate success using Don’s simple formula. There are six easy steps to follow when buying “Subject To.”

 Locating Sellers
 Prescreening Sellers
 Constructing Offers
 Presenting Offers
 Finding the Money
 Selling Houses

Once you learn to follow these steps you can do this over and over again for an average profit of over $20,000 per property!

This class will show you from start to finish how to buy “subject to” properties… from raising capital, to finding leads, to meeting with the seller and closing the deal. This workshop is jam packed with very important topics that Don will cover such as:

o How to buy houses with little or no money up front
o Finding the easiest ways to attract motivated sellers
o How to evaluate any lead and decide whether it’s deal or a dud
o Know how much money you’ll make before you make an offer
o How to structure a deal in less than 10 minutes, using multiple strategies
o How to use Don’s Green means ‘GO’, Red means ‘NO’ tools to negotiate for you, so you never let your emotions talk you into making a bad deal
o How to meet with the seller and make them feel comfortable with your offer, and how to avoid getting shut out of a deal
o How to walk away with a signed offer the same day and put it in your lawyers hands while you’re with the seller
o Learn the top five negotiating tactics to get sellers to say “yes”!
o Find all the private money you need without putting loans in your name
o Exit strategies that will not only make you lots of money today, but make you wealthy long term
o The Secret to creating passive income deals of $350 + per month without any of your own money and with NO management on your part.
o And much, much more including answering your questions!

Don will give you practical tips with real life examples. Prepare to be fascinated and blown away by what today’s technology offers, and what tomorrow can bring! REGISTER NOW!

De Rosa’s Expert Real Estate Coaching Package :

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  • Deal Making / Analyzing Software
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  • Leases
  • Options Agreements
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De Rosa’s Beginners Real Estate Coaching Package: