What is a typical meeting schedule?
5:30pm Vendors
5:45pm – 6:30pm Shortcuts to Success
6:15pm – 7:00pm Dinner
7:00pm – 7:30pm General Membership Meeting
7:30pm – 9:00pm Guest Speaker
How much does it cost?
1-year membership: $135
Non-member meeting admission: $20 per meeting
Dinner: $16 in advance if purchased online, $18 at the door
Is REIA of Oakland just for Oakland County?
REIA of Oakland services investors who own real estate in all of lower Michigan, and even some that own property in other states! Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Livingston counties are the main focus of most of our members, but you are welcome to join no matter where you invest, as long as it’s real estate related.
Do I have to own investment properties to join REIA of Oakland?
Absolutely not! Many of our members are just thinking about getting into real estate investing and have joined REIA of Oakland to learn as much as they can BEFORE making mistakes. Joining REIA of Oakland is a great way to learn the ropes and get sound advise when you are beginning your real estate investment career.
Why is it important REIA of Oakland is non-profit?
There are new real estate investing groups popping up like weeds lately. Unfortunately, many of them are FOR PROFIT, and have arrived on the scene to take advantage of the rocky real estate market that Michigan is navigating right now. These new, FOR PROFIT groups have one goal in mind, to make a profit. Now, there’s nothing wrong with making a profit. However, when it’s the group that is supposed to be looking out for your best interests and educating you on how to maximize your investment strategies, it creates a conflict of interests. If the group is for profit, they are going to be selling you Kits, DVD’s, Books, Seminars, Classes, Bootcamps, and anything else that they can think of, for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, whether it’s in your best interest or not. Why? Because if they don’t, they’re not making a profit.

REIA of Oakland, on the other hand, is run by unpaid volunteers. We have only one paid, part-time employee. All the money that we bring in is used to run the group and bring you the best services possible. This is why at REIA of Oakland, you will see more unpaid, local experts bringing you relevant, timely information at our monthly meetings. REIA of Oakland purposefully limits speakers selling products to 4 times per year or less, and we screen them to try and bring you only the very best. REIA of Oakland’s goal is to make its members the most educated and professional real estate investors in the country. Not to sell you products. REIA of Oakland’s non-profit status is one of the reasons that we can offer the PHP program for only $10.00!
What is the difference between the “Discussion Board” and “Discussion Groups?”
The “Discussion Board” is an online forum where REIA of Oakland members and non-members can post messages for other website visitors to read and respond. The “Discussion Groups” are email based. REIA of Oakland members can send questions to one of several topic based discussion groups via email. Members of the discussion group receive the email, and can respond to the question via email, with all of the group members receiving the response. One other difference between the two. REIA of Oakland members and non-members alike can read and post questions and responses to the Discussion Board. However, only REIA of Oakland members in good standing are able to send messages to the Discussion Groups. Non-members are welcome to sign up for any or all of the discussion groups. While non-members will receive the discussion group messages, they will be unable to send messages.
I signed up for one or more of the Discussion Groups, but I am unable to send messages. Or, I send messages but never get an answer from the group.
First, you must be a REIA of Oakland member in good standing to send messages to the discussion groups. If you are not currently a REIA of Oakland member, consider joining. There are many benefits besides the discussion groups. If you are a REIA of Oakland member, make sure that you are sending the email from the same email account that is registered with REIA of Oakland.

Next, make sure that you are not sending the email from a forwarded email account. Many new, mobile devices such as Blackberrys and cell phones add extensions onto the end of your email address. The system won’t recognize these addresses. For instance, if your email address is metoo@aol.com, when you send email via your Blackberry your email address will appear as metoo@aol.blkbrry.com, or some other variation.

Last, make sure that you are enclosing the discussion groups name in square brackets “[]” in the Subject line of the email, as shown here: [Short_Sales] Notice that spaces are always replaced with an underscore character.
What is the “PHP” program?
PHP is an acronym for “Professional Housing Provider.” Like other professional designations, such as “Realtor,” “CPA,” or “CWNA,” the “PHP” designation is conferred upon a select group of professionals that complete additional, voluntary, formal education in their chosen profession. When other individuals see the initials “PHP” after your name on business cards or other materials they know that you take your activities in real estate investing seriously, not as just a hobby. In addition, they know that you have demonstrated a minimum level of knowledge about investing that the casual investor cannot match. You must be a member of REIA of Oakland to enroll in the PHP program, and must complete a prescribed curriculum. Since REIA of Oakland is non-profit, we are only charging a nominal fee of $10.00 to participate in the PHP program to help offset some of the administrative costs.
I get a message that I need a password to access certain parts of the website.
Certain pages of the REIA of Oakland website are reserved for REIA of Oakland members only. You will need the member password to access those areas. The password changes every month or two, and is emailed to REIA of Oakland members in the monthly eZINE. If you are not a REIA of Oakland member, or do not subscribe to the REIA of Oakland eZINE, you will not receive the password and will not be able to access some of the forms downloads, the newsletter archive, or other members only areas. If you are a REIA of Oakland member, and do not receive the REIA of Oakland eZINE, please visit our Subscribe page.