Metro Detroit STR Owners

Metro Detroit Short Term Rental Owners Subgroup Meetup

When: Every 4th Monday, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at following

Location :

Noni’s Grille of Troy,  3364 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI-48083

This subgroup will bring together short-term/ vacation property investors to learn, organize and share in all areas of this exciting real estate investment segment. This group will meet monthly at different venues, including the occasional STR property. The goals of this subgroup are:

  1. Share best practices
  2. Organize
  3. Combine buying power

By sharing best practices, attendees will learn tips, tricks and strategies for designing and operating a business designed to please guests, deliver great reviews and increase profitability. Topics will include location, decor, pricing, consumables, technologies, cleaning, profiles, guest handling and more. By organizing, our guild is stronger than any of us individually. We will focus on our region. We will be ready if needed to defend our investments against over-reaching municipalities who could, at any moment, challenge this empowering hosting opportunity. If we are already organized, we can respond more effectively to these outside threats. By combining buying power, we have the opportunity to provide better products and services to our guild. For example, do you purchase coffee for your guests to use? Together we can partner with a Detroit area coffee provider to give our guests a specialty branded coffee experience while allowing us access to wholesale pricing.

There is no charge for Oakland REIA members or for first time attendees who’ve not yet become members. However, if you are not a member, there is a charge of $5 for each additional meeting you attend.

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